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Those who love to stay in their bed for long hours need a constantly cool and dry mattress. For them, we made a selection of products characterised by the use of special materials like Gel Memory foam combined with breathable covers that facilitates airflow inside the mattress. The products we recommend can satisfy the needs of the people who really enjoy to sleep providing them with the energy they need for all day.


Fluxair Syntesis
Pininfarina Design

Syntesis is the mattress from FluxAir Design Pininfarina collection developed to actively and constantly stimulate our wellness.

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If we were made to jump out of the bed as soon as we get up, we all would sleep in a toaster.

Are you a professional late riser? Choose springs!

Richmond is our Hybrid System Memory Springs mattress with Multipixel pocket springs, V-Gel Memory and Aquacell Airflow for unique comfort. The perfect mattress for everyone – singles or couples with any kind of weight and body type – who appreciates a high rigidity support, delicate on skin and all-season cool.

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Do you want to sleep on a cloud?
Choose Anais

Anais is a high efficiency ergonomic mattress that provides soft and delicate contact on shoulders and hips along with on-going calibrated support on the pelvic area.

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