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The mission of Anterem by Morfeus is to create high quality and impeccably manufactured sleep products that are sustainable and respectful of the environment, which also reflect broader ecological and social considerations in terms of people’s lives and well-being and the protection of nature.

Morfeus 60 years

60 anni

the evolution of the species

Raw materials that are 100% recycled or come from low environmental impact sources.
Recyclable materials at the end of the product’s life cycle. Zero impact of the product on the environment for maintenance and disposal.
AMET, the mattress with superior comfort and maximum sustainability.

Design Pininfarina


It is the mattress that ensures maximum performance and comfort and the well-being that only a FluxAir design Pininfarina mattress can give.


The mattresses of this collection, thanks to the exclusive cover in special “SMARTHERM Intelligent Climate” fabric, work for your beauty and health while you sleep: they thermoregulate the body temperature, facilitate blood circulation, keep the skin toned, fresh and dry for a sleep and a state of psychophysical well-being of a higher level in the immediate and future.


BlackGold Foam&Latex

Personalized sleeping systems

The products of the Blackgold Foam & Latex collection have a structure in Aquacell, V-Gel Memory, EcoMemory, Latex. These materials are careful and respectful of the environment throughout their life cycle and allow for the creation of mattresses that adapt to the rest needs of different people. You can find our exclusive technologies such as Dream Away, sheets designed both from an ergonomic and aerodynamic point of view to support the body and keep it always fresh, technical coatings that enhance the characteristics of the structures.


BlackGold Spring

Good sleep

The products of the BlackGold Springs collection are made with different types of different springs: from the traditional pocket springs and biconical springs, to the exclusive X-Pocket supported and ergonomic pocket spring. In this collection you will also find the exclusive Hybrid products that combine the characteristics of pocket springs with comfort and support of innovative materials such as V-Gel Memory and Ecomemory. The coatings with precious materials enhance the characteristics of these structures.


When athletes lie down on the bed they must have the opportunity to relax all their muscles tired from their activities. For this reason the proposed products exploit the characteristics of special materials present both inside the product, such as memory with gel, and outside, with technical and hypoallergenic fabrics to ensure sustained support of the body and to avoid compressions.

Certified wellness

Ergonomics, safety and certified durability!

We love Colours

Unique fabrics and designs for an always lively look!

Eco friendly

Healthy, safe and respectful of nature: from production to disposal.

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Morfeus Young

A fabulous mattress

Buy a high quality mattress, certified for health and safety, ideal for accompanying your child from infancy to adulthood.

A tailored mattress: yours!

The mattress for you!

“Let us advise you” is our way to help you choose the Morfeus mattress that suits you best.

Touch, try, choose

Look for a dealer

From our dealers you can try Morfeus products and find the ideal one for your needs.

STARS collection
Bed linen

The “Morfeus Wellness Lifestyle” project was created to analyze and deepen the aspects that can increase the state of well-being of a person as a whole. The project focuses on everything “around” people before, during and after sleeping to give them a better quality of life in harmony with the environment and nature.

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Dress up your bed

Pillows, Toppers and Accessories

Discover all our proposals to complete and dress your mattress in the best possible way: pillows, toppers and mattress covers.

The right support

Sommier and bed bases

Discover the bed bases and the sommier that can best support your mattress.

Good sleep

Research, knowledge and experience to create increasingly advanced sleeping systems

We love Green

For us, respecting the environment means ensuring a future of liveability on Earth for next generations.

Unique Design Ideas

Morfeus has a long history of collaborations with designers and artists: unique products designed for you.

Sleeping well
improves life


Unique mattresses and products born from the genius of the best contemporary designers.
Since 1962 Morfeus has been making the best mattresses and rest systems to give everyone the pleasure of sleeping well.


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Why choose Morfeus


The materials used are of absolute quality. The choice of covering and cover fabrics and fillings as well as the choice of structure materials play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the quality and the functionality of the mattresses. The materials used are selected in order to guarantee low environmental impact and recyclability at the end of the product’s life cycle.

A certified quality and
Made in Italy

All our models are entirely produced in Italy: Morfeus is the first company in the sector to have obtained the Certification of Italian Origin (Made in Italy) for its own mattresses. Our products are made by highly experienced and professional workers, in factories organized according to the ISO 9001 quality standards that put the consumer at the centre of design. The materials used are of absolute quality, with controlled and guaranteed hygiene and safety.

Hours of research and development

Product Testing

Used materials


Give your rest a twist

A single memory mattress, many combinations: with Sleeppando you will always have the ideal support for you. You can configure the mattress to your needs directly at home.

Try it for 14 nights, the return is free!
You can buy your new Sleeppando also in 6 monthly installments at interest rate 0.