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The mission of Anterem by Morfeus is to create high quality and impeccably manufactured sleep products that are sustainable and respectful of the environment, which also reflect broader ecological and social considerations in terms of people’s lives and well-being and the protection of nature. You will discover the value of your choices and how each can be a trim-tab of change. You will use your splendid Anterem sleeping system for many years and, when its life cycle ends, its precious materials can be recovered and recycled to create new precious quality materials while respecting and protecting the environment.

Materasso Anterem

The main source of deforestation is agriculture and the cultivation of vegetable fibres for clothing

Our commitment is to have our viscose (used in a high percentage in the fabrics of Anterem mattresses) produced in a sustainable way in order to protect ancient forests and the species that live there, by ensuring our viscose comes from sustainably managed forests.

The primary supply chain of sustainable viscose yarns is fully traceable, transparent and entirely European. Carefully processes the pulp from trees that come from FSC-certified forests in Europe, which are neither ancient or endangered.

The pulp is first drawn into a viscose filament and then transformed into fabric in Italy. This gives us an unprecedented level of traceability and ensures that we are not directly or indirectly contributing to the destruction of forests.

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Over time all the weight of a dead part of a plant will return into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide as a result of oxidation processes

20 percento anterem

Global greenhouse gas emissions attributable to deforestation

150 mil anterem

Trees cut down every year to create fabrics, deforested land for growing cotton and for breeding

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“Foresta Morfeus (Morfeus Forest) project”

We decided to contribute to absorbtion of emissions caused by the production and distribution process of the Anterem collection mattresses. We will do this by planting trees that will produce oxygen as they grow, improving the air we all breathe. This is why Morfeus has decided to create the “Foresta Morfeus” together with TREEDOM, which will plant a tree for every ten Anterem mattresses produced. The tree will be planted in developing countries in Asia, Africa or Latin America, contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Sustainable pure viscose fabric

Viscose fibre is made from the bark of Eucalyptus and Beech trees, which are grown in sustainable plantations that ensure a particularly high yield compared to the water consumption needed to grow the trees. The bark is grinded and turned into cellulose pulp, which is then immersed in a non-toxic acid solution that produces a sustainable, high-quality viscose, differently from the classic viscose production process.

Anterem Ambientata Morfeus

Hi-tech padding in second life fibre

The precious virgin textile scraps, composed of high quality raw materials, generated by the Morfeus production processes, are selected by type and mixed according to an exclusive qualitative formula. They are processed within a complex and articulated mechanical recycling process, without using chemical treatment. Climatech padding is recyclable at the end of the product’s life to regain high quality fibers.

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Anterem – Be the Change

A focus on ecological and social aspects reflected in each and every fibre and weave of an Anterem mattress, for a new awareness. Making us realise how each of us can be like a trim tab – driving change.

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