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The STARS bed linen collection is 100% made in Italy, exclusively in pure natural and hypoallergenic cotton fabric, a quality that makes the fabric fresh and soft on the skin, with coloring processes carried out in Italian dyes with dyes tested and certified for sensitive and reactive skins. STARS is the bed linen collection suitable for perfectly dressing mattresses of different types, thicknesses, European and international sizes because it was designed by MORFEUS which produces mattresses that are distributed on the main world markets.

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Range and measures

Complete range of bed linen, with sizes suitable for standard mattresses and thick mattresses.


Colors and materials

Pure natural and high quality hypoallergenic cotton. Available in 10 colours.

100% Made in Italy

The items are 100% packaged in local artisan workshops.


lenzuola 0016 Azzurro

I colori

colore rosa 33
colore grigio scuro 100
colore verde 47
colore beige 14
colore bianco 10
colore blu 40
colore panna 11
colore azzurro 39
colore arancio 48
colore grigio chiaro 43


Sheets, bed sets and matching sets (fitted sheet and top sheet) are available in two height variants:

MAXI – for mattresses up to 25 cm thick

EXTRA – for mattresses over 25 cm and up to 40 cm thick

The standard measures are:

SINGLE SIZE – 90×200 cm – for a maximum mattress of 90×200 cm

MAXI SINGLE SIZE – 130×200 cm – for maximum mattress 130×200 cm

FRENCH SIZE – 140×200 cm – for maximum mattress 140×200 cm

DOUBLE SIZE – 180×200 cm – for maximum mattress 180×200 cm

KING SIZE – 200×200 cm – for maximum mattress 200×200 cm

Custom sizes are also available in lengths of 210 cm.

The articles

The STARS collection consists of:

BED SET – top sheet + fitted sheet + pillow case(s)

DUVET COVER – duvet cover bag + pillow case(s).

COORDINABLE – top sheet / bottom sheet / pair of pillowcases

100% natural cotton fabric, soft and fresh on the skin, colored in certified Italian dye houses, resistant colors.
Washable in water 40°C.


For all seasons

STARS duvets are suitable for all seasons. The fabric is in microfiber canvas, with multi-needle quilting. You can buy:

Summer duvet with 100% polyester fiber padding 100 g/m2

Winter duvet with 100% polyester fiber padding 300 g/m2

4 Seasons duvet made up of two separable duvets, one for summer and one for winter joined by snap buttons, for maximum warmth.

Pillow Carezza Maxi

The Carezza Maxi pillow has dimensions: 55×120 cm with padding in 100% carded and rolled polyester fiber layer and 100% natural cotton pillowcase. Made in Italy. Breathable and hypoallergenic, it maintains volume and guarantees support over time.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure with all the items in the STARS collection for more product details.

Visit the online store

Visit the Morfeus store dedicated to accessories from the STARS collection. You can also find all the items at our retailers.

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