Sleeping well improves your life

Un mod de a face viata mai speciala? Sa dormim bine!

Morfeus, 50 de ani de saltele pentru o viaţa speciala. Din anul 1962 Morfeus ajută oamenii să trăiască mai bine, aducând în fiecare noapte în viaţa lor bucuria si confortul de a dormi pe cea mai sanatoasa si frumoasa saltea din lume.
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Morfeus FluxAir
Pininfarina Design


When a top-rated Italian designer label as Pininfarina meets Morfeus and its know-how, highly advanced technology and continuous development on production process and materials, your sleep raises to the next level.

A FluxAir mattress can change your mind on every sleeping-related issue, help you getting rid of bad habits and make your dreams a brand new experience. A real experience.

Real dreams.

The special synergy between the research and design of Pininfarina and the manufacturing competence of Morfeus allowed the creation of hi-tech mattresses and sleeping systems ‘FluxAir’.

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Black Gold FOAM


All the products of our BlackGold Foam collection are based on Aquacell, V-Gel Memory, EcoMemory and Latex structures. These materials are eco-friendly during their whole life cycle and allow to create mattresses that can ajdust on people’s different sleeping needs. You can find exclusive technologies like Dream Away, advanced blocks with ergonomic and aerodynamic specifications designed to support the body and keep it cool, technical covers that enhance the characteristics of every structure.

Morfeus Young

Every Morfeus ‘Young’ mattress takes care of your child while he sleeps, meeting ergonomic, safety and lifetime demands. All of that being certified by ‘Mattress Qualitas Premium’ label.

Black Gold SPRINGS


The products from BlackGold Springs collection have been realised using different kinds of springs: from the traditional Pocket Springs and Bonnell Springs to the special Multipixel Pocket Springs, made by pairing in line micro-springs with two different kinds of height and rigidity for an improved body support. In this collection you can also find the exclusive Hybrid products that combine the specifications of pocket springs  with the comfort and support of advanced materials as V-Gel Memory and EcoMemory. Covers with precious materials enhance the characteristics of these structures.

Other products

Bed Frames

Bed Base


Morfeus World

A way to make life more special? Sleeping well.

A Morfeus mattress is not like all the others. Morfeus products are unique, designed according to different comfort grades in order to adjust on individual sleeping needs, because different people need different mattresses and customised systems for their best sleep.

Our state of the art technology

Why choosing Morfeus
The quality level of the materials in use is extraordinary. The selection of fabrics, paddings and covers as well as the choice of structural materials play a key role in certifying the quality and functionality of our mattresses. Moreover, all the materials employed have been selected in order to guarantee a low environmental impact along with the possibility to be recycled at the end of their life cycle.


Materials employed


Tests on products


Hours of research

Made in Italy
certified quality

All our models are entirely made in Italy, manufactured in factories provided with Iso certifications and managed by experienced craftsmanship professionals. We only use high-quality, hygienic and safety controlled materials.

ISO 9001

For the quality of production process


Qualitas praemium for high quality mattresses

“Green Philosophy” Morfeus

If we care about the future generations, the respect for the environment should be vital. That is why all the product we design and develop comply with those requirements of Morfeus “Green Philosophy”, that is: organic and natural material, largely derived from essential oils and fast-growing plants; low natural resources consumption with regard to materials employed and production processes; low environmental impact in both the factory and production processes; full recyclability of materials and products at the end of the life cycle. These products shall respect the “Green Philosophy” Morfeus, in order to protect the environment now and securing a better world for those who come after us.

Medical Device certified mattresses

A few mattresses of our range of products are classified as “Medical devices” (Directive 93/42/CEE dated 14.06.1993) and are included in the ‘Nomenclatore Tariffario delle Protesi’ (D.M. 332/99), as they could help people with certain diseases. On the basis of the tax legislation currently in force, those fulfilling the necessary can obtain the tax deduction as health expenditure (art. 15 letter c paragraph 1 of D.P.R. 917/86).

High Quality certified mattress

The mattress bearing the label “Materasso di Alta Qualità Certificata Qualitas Premium”, ensure the consumer that the products is periodically subjected to durability and measurement tests according to the standards UNI EN 1334 – 1957 – 10707: tests are made first at 30.000 cycles as laid down by international and national rules and then extended to 45.000 cycles to provide greater guarantees in terms of product durability. Safe for the user’s health, since emits no formaldehyde or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – test ISO 16000-9:2006) and for fabrics do not contain allergy-producing colourings and carcinogenic (test UNI EN ISO 16373-2 Textiles)