Legal guarantee 2 years


All Morfeus products enjoy the 2-year legal guarantee governed by the consumer code, this can be extended for a further 3 years by registering the product within 10 days of delivery of the mattress*. The warranty extension guarantees coverage of all product conformity defects and also possible repairs at a subsidized cost in the event of problems related to incorrect use of the product itself*. All indications are available in the certificate attached to the product.

*The extension may not apply to all mattress models and is only valid for products purchased and delivered in Italy.

Use and maintenance

What to do to keep your mattress healthy

The mattress is built with the best materials and with the most advanced technologies; for its good conservation it is advisable to know some warnings and observe the following simple rules of use and maintenance, also reported (in a more concise form) on the label supplied with the mattress:
– The natural and ecological materials used may have their own specific odor which diminishes in a short time;
– A slight central depression (night effect), due to morphological adaptation, is to be considered normal;
– Rotate the mattress (head to foot) and turn it upside down (upside down) according to the following instructions: once a week for the first three months, then at least twice a month*;
– To improve dehumidification, it is recommended to air, rotate and turn the mattress upside down at each change of sheets;
– Do not pull the handles that are used to place the mattress on the base and not to lift and/or carry it;
– Do not use solvents or chemicals on the fabric.
– For stains of an organic nature, it is advisable to change the mattress or its cover (hygiene standards);
– Absolutely avoid using an iron or a hairdryer on the fabric;
– Do not use vaporizers or steam sterilizers to “sanitize” the mattress. This type of maintenance does not solve the problem of mites but affects the consistency and duration of the internal layers;
– The fabric must never be wet, washed with water or ironed, except when otherwise indicated on the specific label of the model purchased;
– Brush gently or use low power vacuum cleaners to remove dust; never use a carpet beater or high power vacuum cleaners;
– The use of electric blankets is not recommended as they could compromise the consistency and duration of the components;
– The mattress must only be used on good-quality, well-stretched bed bases recently manufactured and which allow continuous and constant aeration of the lower part of the mattress.
– Never use bases/bases smaller than the mattress;
– It is good practice to protect the product with a good quality mattress cover;
– Never use the bed base cover (mattress protector) with Aquacell® and latex mattresses.

*For “no turn” products, only rotate head-to-toe with the same frequency as defined above.


How to wash the mattress cover with removable covers

The cover of the mattress, if equipped with a zip for removable covers, can be washed if and as indicated on the label. For washing the washable cover, the following recommendations must be taken into account:
– carefully read and scrupulously follow the washing instructions on the use/maintenance label sewn onto the cover;
– Temperature and washing method: as indicated on the label;
– Ironing: forbidden;
– Wringing: by hand or washing machine on delicate items;
– Bleaching: prohibited;
– Drying: the use of drying machines is prohibited; only natural drying is recommended.
No guarantee is given for incorrect dry cleaning or wet cleaning.

The fabrics used for the covers of our removable mattresses are subjected to hypoallergenic treatments, which with washing can decrease their effectiveness; it is advisable to limit the washing of the cover (if it is foreseen that it can be washed and following the washing instructions on the label) to cases in which the hygienic conditions make it absolutely necessary. Avoid direct sunlight on the core/inner slab of the mattress. A soft brush is sufficient for regular cleaning of the mattress.

Useful links and information

If you need information or assistance, contact the dealer from whom you purchased the product.

How long does it take to get used to a new mattress?

Changing the mattress requires a variable “running in” time depending on the person. Some get used to the new mattress immediately while more sensitive people need several days to sleep better on the new product. On average, it takes 5-10 days to get used to the new product, but in some cases it can take more days (up to 20). Time is influenced not only by personal sensitivity, but also by any change in technology: if the old mattress was a spring mattress and you choose a new memory foam mattress, time can be longer.

Our advice to mitigate this step is to adopt a correct rest routine. Find many tips in our magazine!

What support is suitable for the mattress?

The suitable support is an elastic support suitable for the type of mattress. Sommier-type supports (stiffer and less transpiring) and slatted supports can be used for spring mattresses, while for latex products. Aquacell and Memory only slatted supports must be used. The slatted supports must have adequate coverage, i.e. a sufficient number of slats otherwise the empty spaces are too large and the mattress cannot work properly. The support must also guarantee the correct ventilation of the mattress.

All the bed bases that you find on our site meet the characteristics defined above.

What maintenance to do on the mattress?

The directives to be followed to keep the product in good condition, as indicated in the use and maintenance certificate, are:

  • For the first 3 months of use, rotate the product head-to-toe and turn it upside down once a week without considering seasonality. For NOTURN products do only the head-toe rotation.
  • After the first 3 months of use, turn the product head-to-toe at least twice a month (at each change of sheets) – turn the product upside down at least at each change of season. If the product does not have a winter and a summer side, alternate rotation and overturning. If the product is NOTTURN, do only the head-toe rotation.
  • At each change of sheets, leave the product uncovered for a while in order to favor dehumidification, possibly moving it from its last position of use (rotating it head-to-toe or turning it upside down). The duration of this operation is not indicated, a couple of hours would be ideal but even less is fine. Possibly this operation should be done in a ventilated room (therefore the window is open). The product must not be taken outdoors and/or exposed to the sun.
  • Do not pull the handles: these are for positioning the product and should not be used to lift the product.
  • Do not use solvents or chemicals on the fabric. For stains of an organic nature, it is recommended to replace the product (hygienic standard).
  • Do not use an iron, vaporizers, sterilizers or hair dryers on the fabric – mattress: excessive heat and humidity can compromise the integrity of the fibers and materials.
  • If the product has removable covers, the external covering can be washed by following the washing instructions. If the product is fixed, the fabric on the mattress can never be wet.
  • For proper cleaning of the coating, you can brush gently or use low-power vacuum cleaners to remove dust. Never use carpet beaters or high powered vacuum cleaners.
  • The use of electric blankets is not recommended as they could compromise the consistency and duration of the internal components of the product.
  • It is good practice to protect the mattress with a quality mattress cover.
What to do if I have not rotated/flipped the product?

If the correct handling of the product has not been performed, the first thing to do is to turn the product upside down (always, even if this is indicated as a no-turn) and use it on this side for at least 20 days having the courtesy to turn it head/feet at least once during this period. Then resume normal use of the product and normal maintenance. You will see that after this simple expedient the product will return to planar as at the beginning of use.

If the product does not return to a good condition of use, assistance can be requested from the company. Since it is not a lack of conformity of the product but linked to its incorrect use, a fee may be required for the repair.

What is the legal guarantee?

The legal guarantee is mandatory by law and is valid for two years from delivery of the goods. It is governed by the consumer code.

What is the commercial guarantee?

The commercial guarantee is offered by the manufacturer, it is added to the legal one but does not replace it therefore the legal one remains valid. In the case of Morfeus* mattresses, the commercial guarantee is for a further 3 years, therefore the overall guarantee is 5 years. This covers all lack of conformity such as the legal guarantee and in addition provides for the possibility of requesting the repair of the product with a defined maximum cost in the event of a problem related to its use and therefore not attributable to its manufacture.

To activate the commercial guarantee, the product must be registered on our portal within 10 days of receipt.

*Some mattresses may not have access to the commercial guarantee – this is indicated in the Morfeus commercial documentation. The commercial guarantee is valid only for products sold and delivered in Italy.

What is a lack of conformity?

By lack of conformity we mean:

  • not be suitable for the use for which goods of the same type are normally used
  • not be suitable for the use desired by the consumer, declared to the seller and accepted by the latter
  • not conform to the description given by the seller or the manufacturer and possess the qualities advertised and described on the labeling
  • not possess the qualities shown to the consumer by the seller through a sample or model
What are the "dots" on the fabric?

Rubbing between synthetic fibers can cause “dots” on the mattress fabric also due to concomitant factors of electrostatic charges which depend on people and the environment. This phenomenon is linked to the type of materials that come into contact with each other and to the specific environment and cannot be considered a manufacturing defect of the product. It is therefore not covered by the guarantee.

As for the items of clothing that may present the same phenomenon, it is possible to remove them with a “lint remover”. These do not in any way alter the ergonomic behavior of the mattress which can therefore fully perform its function.

How do I dispose of the old mattress?

At the end of the product’s life cycle, the municipal bulky waste disposal company must be contacted, which will take care of the collection and correct disposal of the product.

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