for the Families

Our most customisable products have been designed with specific attention for families. In fact, these mattresses can offer different firmness grades inside the same cover. Since the family might grow over the years, the product needs to meet everyone’s needs.


Fluxair Syntesis
Pininfarina Design

Syntesis works 360 degrees for its user’s wellness while he/she sleeps. The perfect mattress for all the family!

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Please stay!
Take a rest with me.
Don’t go away.
I’ll watch over you.

1600 springs of comfort!

Regal 1600 is a high comfort pocket springs mattress with Micro-Pocket 1600 internal structure and medium/high firmness for a good body support. Recommended for individuals, couples and families.

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your sleep

V-Gel Memory Innova mattress features good support in the central zone with no depressions and irregular compressions, regardless of your sleeping position.

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