Give rhythm
to your life

Do you think outside the box? Do you have tons of projects and ideas? Are you always late and stressed by modern life? Then you must optimise your – often limited – sleeping time. You need a mattress that helps you falling asleep quickly in order to fully charge your batteries, because your next day will demand dynamism!


Fluxair Aeron
Pininfarina Design

Aeron is an advanced mattress that allows you to charge your batteries and helps you to get through your day.

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It doesn't matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

A royal rest…
On your Richmond

Thousands of pocket micro-springs with independent movement and two levels of height and firmness that adjust on the user’s weight.

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Stop, Go
& Dream Away

The exclusive AirBellows of Dream-Away system, integrated inside the central/pelvis area of the block, increase support, facilitate overnight movements and prevent the stagnation of heat and humidity.

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