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Lilium is the latex foam mattress with two ergonomic layers in Aquacell Evo suitable for individuals or couples weighing over 100 kg, who sleep in prone, lateral and supine positions and who like a firm but comfortable mattress. The SilverSave cover is naturally anti-allergy thanks to silver ions and it provides great comfort and controlled climate.

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Technical data

Height: 24cm

materasso certificato qualitas

Mattress safe for health

Certified Safe for Health mattress. Cosmob qualitas praemium.

portanza blu

B firmness rating – medium / high

Firmer mattress. Recommended weight less than or equal to 110kg

materasso pieghevole

Suitable for relax bedframes

The mattress can be used on slatted bases with manual or electric movement.


Lilium lastra

IN&UP System

Structure that combines the two opposing forces of softness (IN) and support (UP) in an optimal way.

latex materasso


It is the most elastic material in nature with a unique and delicate modeling and support capacity.

aquacell icona


Open cell “water base” foam that is breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, non-deformable and long-lasting.

Structure: the core

Flexibility system (descending force: In ↓) with contact layer in Latex foam and internal support layers (ascending force: Up ↑) in Aquacell with different and breathable modelling layers to quickly disperse heat and residual moisture from the inside of the mattress.

5 support layers and ergonomics modelling – h approx. 20 cm

1) Comfort layer in pure latex foam with wave profile (top side), fresh, offering support, breathable, helps prevent bedsores

2) Superior stretch modelling layers in Aquacell Evo, super breathable

3) “Calibrate In&Up” in middle layer in latex

4) Superior stretch modelling layers in Aquacell Evo, super breathable

5) Comfort layer in pure latex foam with wave profile (top side) and multi-zone perforation (bottom side), fresh, offering support, breathable, helps prevent bedsores


tessuto silversave

SILVERSAVE Cashmere fabric

Natural-based yarn of pure viscose and cashmere, sanitized with pure silver ions, anti-mite, hypoallergenic, anti-stress, antistatic, odourless, thermoregulator.

climawood 01 01

Climawood filling

Climate-controlled fibre made from natural wood pulp.

fascia3d 01 01 2

Top Air side band

Silversave fabric coupled with 3D breathable under fabric.

cover lavabile

Water washable cover

Removable cover that can be washed in water.

Cover SilverSave Clima P.T. advantages

  • aids blood circulation to help the heart, lungs and all internal organs work at a reduced pace during sleep (use of technical fillings and fabrics to avoid muscle compression, facilitate correct oxygenation of the skin, create a continual micro-massage action on the muscles, work for effective cardiovascular prevention in the long term)
  • keeps body temperature under control (perspiration and dehumidification) in all seasons (thanks to fabrics with hi-tech yarns and technical fillings designed to maintain a correct micro-climate and quickly disperse moisture during all stages of sleep and in all seasons)

Removable Pillow Top cover (on both sides)

SilverSave Cashmere fabric: elasticated, anti-allergy double jersey fabric made from natural viscose and cashmere, sanitised with pure silver ions. SilverSave techno-yarn, sanitised with a natural, pure silver ion base, is naturally anti-allergy and has a dual mite-proof function, as it creates a hostile environment and interrupts the food chain of the parasites in a natural, enivronmentally compatible way. The yarn is also anti-static, anti-stress, heat regulating and odourless.

Clima Wood: the filling is in fibre made from natural wood pulp, climate-controlled, anti-allergy, mite-proof, anti-dust (2 sides).

Top Air side band: made from SilverSave fabric and 3D breathable internal fabric, all-round side handle, central profiles with silver coloured piping.

Washability: the two Pillow Top covers can be removed individually and washed in water at 30° C.

Sleeping in zero gravity on a latex foam layer

Morfeus mattresses with In & Up technology respect the ergonomics of the body, thus actively contributing to relieve painful situations in the back, shoulders and neck. Muscle tension is reduced, blood circulation is excellent and the pleasant sensation of weightlessness allows you to find a restful sleep.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about Lilium, the latex foam mattress with two ergonomic layers in Aquacell Evo.. The SilverSave coveris naturally anti-allergy thanks to silver ions.

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An ideal support for the product is the bed base Vigor with wood frame in the fix and adjustable version: with its adjustments it enhances the properties of the mattress.

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