As set forth by current regulations, the warranty for Morfeus products covers defects related to production and materials used. Problems relating to incorrect use or maintenance of the product are not covered by the warranty and can be solved (where possible) after a cost estimate has been provided. For assistance on Morfeus products, a request must be sent to [email protected] with the following information:
• Details of the product delivery date: the transport document reference or sales invoice date is sufficient
• Complete photo of the product label: for mattresses please provide the label showing the model name, size and all production data on the side of the product, for pillows and accessories please provide the label with the name and size of the item, for bases a picture showing the whole product is sufficient.
• Photo of the defect: image that makes it possible to see the defect in question
• Photo that shows the hygiene conditions of the item on both sides
• Photo of the support / bed base used (in the event of a request for assistance for a mattress)

For us to proceed with the examination of the request and follow up with the assistance, as set forth in the guarantee, use and maintenance certificate (attached to the mattress) the terms of which can be consulted on, which, depending on the type of product (mattress, base, accessories) the following apply:
• The mattress must have been used on an adequate base for the type of product, kept in good condition and which ensures correct and constant ventilation of the part in contact with the mattress itself
• The mattress must have been used on a base with a width and length suitable for the mattress,
• The product must not have been used in such a way as to cause injury, damage, deformation to the various components (such as bending, rolling, etc.)
• The mattress must have been periodically rotated top/ bottom – turned upside down as indicated in the use and maintenance rules
• The product must not have been wet and / or stained: for assistance it must be in perfect hygienic conditions
• The product must not have been manipulated or tampered with by third parties not authorised by the manufacturer

If all the above conditions are verified, and the product is still covered by the warranty, Morfeus will open an assistance procedure to repair he product.

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