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Alpha is a smart mattress that works for people’s well-being at 360° while sleeping. The high thickness outer topper works in synergy with the ergonomic structure and it models itself on the profile of the single person without causing abnormal compressions. Comfort, attention to regenerating aspects, cardio-circulatory prevention and everything that determines psychophysical well-being, through proper rest, make Alpha the mattress to recommend to everyone. The Silver Far Yarn stretch and anti-allergy fabric allows the release of FAR-infrared rays, which help to improve the quality of life.

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Technical data

Altezza: 25/27 cm

dispositivo medico

Medical Device

Materasso ortopedico antidecubito. Dispositivi Medici di Classe 1.

portanza blu

Firmness Rating: Medium - High Soft

Ideale per tutti, per qualsiasi posizione di riposo. Peso consigliato minore o uguale 100kg.

materasso certificato qualitas

Mattress safe for health

Materasso certificato Sicuro per la Salute. Cosmob qualitas praemium.

materasso non pieghevole

Not suitable for relax bedframes

Il materasso non può essere utilizzato su reti con movimentazione manuale o elettrica.

materasso no turn

No Turn Mattress

Il materasso non deve essere capovolto, si utilizza sempre su di un lato.


fluxair lastra alpha1
thermogel vgel 1

F-One ThermoGel Memory

Speciale schiuma visco-memory con nanosfere di gel termo-attivo: scambio continuo di temperatura con il corpo per il migliore riposo.

thermogel vgel 1

One side topper

One side comfort topper: it increases decompression and contact comfort.

aquacell icona


Schiuma “water base” a cellula aperta super elastica, modellante e traspirante. Anallergica, antiacaro, indeformabile e di lunga durata.

materasso multistrato

High-modelling multilayer

Struttura stratificata che garantisce la migliore modellazione al corpo disteso sul materasso.

Structure: the core

Alpha guarantees to each one, regardless of a person’s weight, the ideal resting comfort because the mattress perfectly models itself on the profile of the single person: the 8-layer modelling structure, with medium-high firmness rating, is ideal for every user with a maximum individual weight up to 100 kg. The contact layer is soft thanks to the integrated contact topper made in F-One ThermoGel Memory (with thermo-active gel nano-spheres) and breathable anti-allergy fibre.

8-layer core of comfort and firmness – h approx. 24 cm

1-2) Topper (with highly breathable PolyFill fibre filling layer): Filling layer in F-One ThermoGel Memory h approx. 2 cm, innovative visco-elastic foam with thermo-active gel nano-spheres + Filling layer in Aquacell UltraSoft (inserted in the topper).

3) Comfort layer in Aquacell Evo h approx 3 cm with multi-zone wave profile.

4) Ergonomic modelling layer in Aquacell M.A.C. SuperElast h approx. 2.5 cm

5) Ergonomic inserts in Aquacell M.A.C. (various densities).

6-7) Dual amortising layer “Calibrate Plus” in Aquacell M.A.C. (various densities).

8) Layer in Aquacell M.A.C h approx. 3 cm with multi-zone wave profile.


tessuto bioceramic

Silver FARYARN fabric

Speciale filato che permette il rilascio di raggi FAR, in grado di contribuire al miglioramento della vita.

fascia3d 01 01

Vortex 2x3D side band

Speciale tessuto 3D mantiene il materasso sempre fresco e igienicamente controllato.


Inside Block System

Protegge la struttura interna e permette di usare il materasso anche quando la cover è al lavaggio

fascia3d 01 01

Breeze3D System

It protects from wear and keeps the lower part of the mattress dry.

Cover advantages

  • Cover with comfort topper (one side topper – h approx. 5 cm), removable, can be dry cleaned.
  • D-Tech 2.0 System: stimulates regeneration, anti-oxidating and circulatory preocesses during sleep combining the characteristics of Far Yarn fabric together with the inner materials ones and particularly with the F-One Thermogel memory ones.
  • Vortex 2x3D: the side band in special 3D fabric keeps the mattress fresh at all times and hygienically controlled
  • Inside Block System: to protect the internal structure and use the mattress even when cover is being washed
  • Breeze3D System: protects from wear and keeps the lower part of the mattress dry thanks to a super breathable fabric

The top cover is removable and it can be dry cleaned

Suface fabric: anti-allergy stretch fabric in Silver Far Yarn (a special yarn that releases FAR-infrared rays, to help improve the quality of life)

Side band: Vortex2x3D fabric

Inner structure cover: InSide Block System where the mattress core has a fixed, padded, anti-allergy cover in micro-perforated fabric, so mattress can be used even when the top cover is being washed.

Bottom cover: the bottom part is protected by the Breeze3D System (3D breathable fabric + filling in PolyFill fibre),

A smart mattress

Alpha Pininfarina design is a smart mattress: at night, while resting, there are continuous temperature exchanges between you and Alpha which guarantee a perfect sleep and a maximum cellular regeneration. While sleeping, Alpha helps your body to recover and regenerate from busy days thanks to the interaction of materials and to the innovative Far Yarn fabric. The outer topper gives the mattress a soft and cosy contact.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about Alpha, the smart mattress which works for people’s well-being at 360° while sleeping. The high thickness outer topper works in synergy with the ergonomic structure and it models itself on the profile of the single person.

FluxAir collection

Discover FluxAir Pininfarina design. The special synergy between Pininfarina research and design and Morfeus innovation and manufacturing skills made it possible to create the "Fluxair" collection of hi-tech mattresses and resting systems.

An ideal support for the product is the bed base Vigor with wood frame in the fix version: with its adjustments it enhances the properties of the mattress.

coprimaterasso silverfaryarn 2

The accessories with Silver Far Yarn fabric allow the release of FAR infrared rays and contribute to improve the quality of people’s lives.

stars collezione lenzuola

Discover STARS, the collection of bed linen that perfectly covers your mattress. Bottom sheets with high corners for high thickness mattresses are available.