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The SMARTHERM fabric is the “temperature controlled/intelligenti” fabric with yarn enriched with millions of PCM Gel nano-capsules that maintains body temperature within the ideal range throughout sleep, thereby guaranteeing healthy skin tone and freshness, better blood circulation and an effective cardiovascular prevention action, as well as a more efficient and effective sleep to ensure a higher level of general psychological and physical well-being for individuals in the short and long term. The SmarTherm Fabric is 100% “natural” and hypoallergenic thanks to pure silver ions, doubly mite-proof (as it creates a hostile environment to parasites and interrupts their food chain), antistatic and odourless (silver binds to proteins to modify their acidity).

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Smartherm ADVANTAGES are:

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Fabric with thermo-active thermogel microcapsules


Better blood circulation

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Skin temperature between 32 - 37 °C


Efficient and effective sleep


Toned and fresh skin

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Psychological and physical wellbeing


V-Gel S-Memory pillow

V-Gel Memory pillow, with SmarTherm fabric pillow protector.
Pillow protector: “Smartherm” fabric (refreshes, heat regulating for the face and neck within a temperature rang of 32°-37° C) + fabric breathable 3D fabric (pillow bottom side), anti-allergy and mite-proof, removable and can be washed in water at 30° C.
Structure: V-Gel Memory layer + breathable, anti-allergy, mite-proof contoured layer.
Suitability: suitable for all types of builds (women and men) and can be used in different sleeping positions.



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Cover in Gel Memory

Comfort cover with SmarTherm fabric, GelMemory + fibre filling.
SmarTherm fabric (top): anti-allergy, mite-proof stretch fabric. GelMemory filling: GelMemory layer h approx. 2 cm (Memory side) and breathable anti-allergy fibre (fibre side).
Pack: with elastic in the four corners, for correct mattress positioning.
Thickness: h approx. cm 3/5. It can be washed in water at 30° C.




The fitted mattress cover in Smartherm fabric is anti-allergy and heat regulating for the body.

The Pillow Smartherm protector keeps the head and neck always fresh and dry throughout the year.

It can be washed in water at 30° C.

The intelligent fabric

SMARTHERM is the “temperature controlled/intelligent” fabric: it is not just a simple “cold/passive temperature” as it is always fresh. But thanks to the yarn enriched with millions od PCM Gel nano-capsules, with a nanotechnology process, that maintains body temperature within the ideal range of 32° – 37° C throughout sleep. This is the ideal temperature for an efficient and effective sleep.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about the Smartherm Accessories with SMARTHERM fabric with “temperature controlled/intelligent” fabric that maintains body temperature at the ideal temperature.

Smartherm Collection

Mattresses and accessories with "controlled/intelligent temperature" SMARTHERM fabric with yarn enriched with millions of PCM Gel nano-capsules which help to keep the body temperature at the right value for the entire duration of sleep.

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