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The Silverwash mattress cover protects your mattress from dirt, preserving it over time. The cover for the mattress base protects the mattress area in contacts with the slats of the base. The Hypno quilt gives greater comfort to your mattress, both new and second-hand one. And then the SonnoSano mattress topper in 3D fabric facilitates air flow below the body keeping it always cool and dry during rest. These accessories are the ideal “partner” for your new mattress.

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The essential accessories:

silver active

SilverWash mattress cover


Hypno Topper




coprimaterasso silverwash1

Mattress cover and pillow protector

SILVERWASH FABRIC. The natural sanitized techno-yarn with a nano-technology process based on pure silver ions, is 100% hypoallergenic and doubly mite-proof because it creates a hostile environment and interrupts the food chain by preventing mite and parasites survival and proliferation and regulates the temperature of the skin thanks to its radiating and reflecting power, it is antistatic and odourless. The treatment with silver ions is natural and makes the characteristics of the fabric permanent (they are not lost with washing).

PROTECT SILVERWASH STANDARD: fitted mattress cover for mattress with a maximum height of 30 cm

PROTECT SILVERWASH EXTRA: fitted mattress cover for mattress with a maximum height of 40 cm

PROTECT SILVERWASH BAG: bag mattress cover for mattress with a maximum height of 30 cm

SILVERWASH PILLOW PROTECTOR available in two sizes: 45×75 cm and 50×80 cm to adapt to the different types of pillows.

Washable in water at 30°C.


hypno 01

Fibre quilt

Hypno is the anti-allergy, mite-proof quilt, suitable if you want softer mattress contact surfaces of a single surface on top of two single mattresses to create a double mattress.

Fabric (top): stretch, anti-allergy, mite-proof.
Filling: breathable anti-allergy fibre gr 300/mt2.
Pack: with elastic in the four corners, for correct mattress positioning.
Thickness: h approx. cm 3
It can be washed in water at 30° C.


sopramaterasso airy3D

Mattress topper and pillow protector

SONNOSANO AIRY3D. Mattress topper in breathable 3D fabric (facilitates air flow below the vody, decreases the feeling of heat from contact with the mattress), with an elastic at the four corners, anti-allergy.
Fabric: breathable 3D, anti-allergy, mite-proof.
Washability: it can be washed in water at 30° C.

PILLOW CASE AIRY3D. Pillow protector in breathable 3D fabric that facilitates the air flow under the nape and avoids sweat stagnation. Removable with zip, anti-allergy, mite-proof, can be washed in water at 30° C.
Fabric: 3D hypoallergenic breathable.
Washability: removable with zip and washable in water at 30 °C.

They are recommended for those who are adversely affected by the sense of heat from contact with the mattress and/or the pillow. The high-thickness 3D breathable mesh fabric facilitates the air flow under the nape and neck, avoids stagnation of moisture, maintaining correct hygienic conditions for longer.

Cover for the mattress base

Felt cover for the mattress base, with ties in the corners to secure to the ring.
It is useful to protect the mattress bottom (in contact with the ring) from rubbing and fabric fading.
Washability: dry cleaning.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about the essential accessories to protect your mattress overt ime and guarantee you the best comfort throughout sleep, such as SonnoSano which aids air flow under your body.


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topper mat 2

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trapuntino smartherm

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