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Loto Smartherm is the memory foam mattress with medium/high soft firmness rating (which is different on each side) which ensures the right sleeping comfort for all people, regardless of their weight, sleeping position, sex and age. It has one side with V-Gel Memory, soft and cool, and one side with Aquacell, firmer. Loto is available with a Smartherm Respiro3D cover with thermoregulating Smartherm fabric and yarn comprising thermoactive Gel nano-capsules.

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Technical data

Height: 24cm

dispositivo medico

Medical Device

These products are orthopedic anti-decubitus mattresses. Class 1 Medical Devices.

portanza verde

Memory foam side: medium-high soft firmness rating

Memory foam side: medium-high soft firmness rating. Recommended weight less than or equal to 100kg.

materasso certificato qualitas

Mattress safe for health

Certified Safe for Health mattress. Cosmob qualitas praemium.

portanza rosso

Aquacell side: high firmness rating

Aquacell side: high firmness rating - stiffer. Recommended weight less than or equal to 100kg.

materasso pieghevole

Suitable for relax bedframes

The mattress can be used on slatted bases with manual or electric movement.


Loto lastra

X-LINE System

Internal structure with 6 ergonomic modeling zones, breathable, with different lift on the two sides.

thermogel vgel 1

V-Gel memory

Special visco-memory foam with structural gel capsules that support the body well, ensuring delicate and fresh contact.

eco memory


Foamy material with visco-elastic characteristics that molds to the shape of the person and distributes pressure.

aquacell icona


Open cell “water base” foam that is breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-mite, non-deformable and long-lasting.

Structure: the core

Everyone will be able to find the most suitable firmness rating for their preferences. One side with V-Gel and EcoMemory, cool, soft and delicate, and one side with Aquacell, firmer (summer side). The 5-layer and 20 ergonomic zone central structure with technology Fysio20 system supports in a calibrated and modelling way on the profile of the body, it adapts to different body types and it unfolds perfectly on relax bed frames. The air channels prevent the stagnation of humidity and heat to keep the internal structure in the best hygienic conditions.

4-layer comfort and support configuration – h approx. 21 cm

1) Fresh, soft and gentle contact layer in V-Gel Memory Soft h 3 cm.

2) Modelling layer in special visco-elastic EcoMemory Firm h 4 cm, “AirBox” profile for maximum below-body air circulation.

3) Ergonomic, support layer, high firmness rating, in Aquacell Green with multi-zone wave profile.

4) Aquacell Green profilo X-Line System high fimrness rating, upper perforation and 6-zone ergonomic modelling, bottom multi-zone wave profile.


tessuto smartherm


Yarn enriched with thermo-active, refreshing and thermo-regulating PCM Gel nano-capsules, sanitized with SilverSave pure silver ions.

climawood 01 01

Climawood filling

Climate-controlled fibre made from natural wood pulp.

fascia3d 01 01

Respiro3D side band

Two exclusive 3D breathable fabrics bonded to prevent heat and humidity from stagnating.

cover lavabile

Water washable cover

Removable cover that can be washed in water.

Smartherm Respiro3D cover advantages

Smartherm is the “temperature controlled / intelligent” fabric(not just a simple “cold / passive temperature” fabric) with yarn enriched with millions of PCM Gel nano-capsules (with a nanotechnology process) that maintains body temperature within the ideal range (32°-37° C) throughout sleep, thereby guaranteeing healthy skin tone and freshness, better blood circulation and an effective cardiovascular prevention action, as well as a more efficient and effective sleep. The SmarTherm fabric is 100% “natural” and hypoallergenic because pure silver ions have been added to the fabric and it is mite-proof, antistatic and odourless.

SmarTherm fabric (top side): special SmarTherm fabric (refreshing and body temperature heat regulating in a range of 32°-37° C) double jersey elasticated (with integrated mite-proof, anti-allergy filling), with yarn comprising millions of thermoactive Gel PCM nano-capsules, refreshing and heat regulating sanitised with SilverSave pure silver ions.

ClimaWood: filling in fibre made from natural wood pulp, climate-controlled, anti-allergy, mite-proof, anti-dust.

Respiro3D System side band: made from two exclusive 3D breathable fabrics. Enables air circulation in the structure, aids air circulation around the mattress, avoiding heat and moisture getting trapped, and has sturdy, sewn, padded handles.

Breeze3D fabric (bottom side): breathable volumetrico 3D fabric with anti-allergy, mite-proof filling.

Washability: the two toppers/covers can be removed individually and washed in water at 30° C.

A welcoming memory

The fresh and welcoming V-Gel Memory soft layer is on the winter side to give you the comfort of memory while the firmer Aquacell layer is on the summer side to give you a cool support. The central Fysio20 system support guarantees perfect ergonomics. The Smartherm cover actively maintains the best temperature for rest.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about Loto Smartherm, the memory foam mattress with medium/high soft firmness rating (which is different on each side) and with Smartherm Respiro3D cover in thermoregulating Smartherm fabric.

Smartherm Collection

Mattresses and accessories with "controlled/intelligent temperature" SMARTHERM fabric with yarn enriched with millions of PCM Gel nano-capsules which help to keep the body temperature at the right value for the entire duration of sleep.

An ideal support for the product is the bed base Vigor with wood frame in the fix and adjustable version: with its adjustments it enhances the properties of the mattress.

trapuntino smartherm

Discover the Smartherm accessories for your mattress: cover, pillow, save mattress and pillow case.

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Discover STARS, the collection of bed linen that perfectly covers your mattress. Bottom sheets with high corners for high thickness mattresses are available.