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AMET by Another Sleep is an eco-sustainable mattress that stems from innovative processes and an inteligent design by combining cutting-edge technical solutions with high-tech and eco-sustanaible materials. A rest system that provides superior ergonomic comfort and promotes a significant increase in general well-being and sleep quality. Add to this a profound focus on the environmental impact, since the product – from its creation until the end of its life-cycle – maximises the use of recycled and eco-sustanaible materials, that can themselves be almost entirely recycled, to obtain new quality materials, with an impact on the environment that is virtually non-existent.

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Technical data

Height: 29/30cm

dispositivo medico

Medical Device

These products are orthopedic anti-decubitus mattresses. Class 1 Medical Devices.

portanza r

Firmness rating R – Firm

Firm mattress with firm and sustained contact. Ideal firmness for people weighing up to 110 kg.

materasso certificato qualitas

Mattress safe for health

Certified Safe for Health mattress. Cosmob qualitas praemium.

portanza blu

B firmness - medium-high/high

Medium-high firmness mattress. Ideal firmness for people weighing up to 110 kg.

materasso no turn

No Turn Mattress

The mattress must not be turned over, it is always used on its side.


Amet Lastra

ExE 1.2 Pocket

Special pre-compressed pocket spring system around 1200 springs (in the double) in 9 zones.

no rolling system

NoRolling System

Avoids the dragging the light person onto the other. The independence of movement of each single spring avoids micro-awakenings.

tessuto aircraft


Super breathable hypoallergenic open cell "water base" foam based on biopolymers of vegetable origin.

materasso non pieghevole

Not suitable for relax bed bases

The mattress cannot be used on slatted bases with manual or electric handling.

Structure: the springs

ExE 1.2 Pocketis a high-density supporting structure (about 1200 springs in the double mattress), in special steel springs with 9 differential zones. The ExE springs (Energixe Pocket) are born 240 mm instead of 190 mm standard measure, they are pre-compressed by 50% of the height and inserted in the fabric pocket. The result is a structure that guarantees an active, progressiveandperfectly balanced support. The AirSleep in Aquacell AirCraft Soft contact layer with more 1000 3D moulded micro-reliefs to micro-massage the skin all the time you are asleep, stimulating blood circulation and the production of collagen, facilitating relaxation and alleviating tension in, oxygenating the skin to leave it fresh and shiny.

ExE 1.2 Pocket springs with 9 differential zones of comfort and support + Airsleep

1) Airsleep: contact layer in Aquacell AirCraft Soft with an AirSleep profile with more than 1000 3D moulded micro-reliefs which, just like the fingers of a capable masseuse, tap and massage the skin, stimulating blood circulation and the production of collagen, facilitating relaxation and alleviating tension in face muscles, oxygenating the skin to leave it fresh and shiny.

2) Aquacell Aircraft: a super-breathable layer of padding, using bio-polymers of vegetable origin, with reactive and damping elasticity,
with a porous and open highly breathable cell structure (pink colour: Firm – grey colour: Soft). Highly elastic, distributes pressure across the entire surface, avoiding abnormal compressions.

3) Aquacell Green: ergonomic high bearing capacity support layer with “5 zone massage” profile.

4) Sistema ExE 1.2 Pocket: exclusive support structure consisting of special patented harmonic steel wire springs, inserted pre-compressed (approx. 1000/1200 springs in the double mattress), with 9 differential zones, with active, progressive and perfectly balanced support, that is soft and gentle on the skin. “ExE Elast Box System” anti-sagging perimeter fairing.

5) Aquacell Green: support layer with 5-zone wave profile to ensure maximum air circulation.

No Turn Mattress: only one side is used, it is not meant to be turned upside down but only rotated head to foot periodically to keep its performance unvaried.


tessuto seaqual

Seaqual fabric

Hi-tech upholstery fabric made with «second life» yarn, derived from recovered oceanic plastic, hypoallergenic and anti-mite.

fascia3d 01 01


The internal structure is protected by a non-allergenic, anti-mite, padded, breathable 3D fabric lining.

cover lavabile

Water washable cover

Removable cover that can be washed in water.

Cover advantages

“FROM THE OCEAN TO YOUR BEDROOM“. AMET is covered with hi-tech SEAQUAL fabric, derived from plastics recovered in sea by fishermen. Its unique composition means it does not need to be washed to preserve its characteristics. Therefore, maintaining it in a good state does not require any consumption or use of energy. Moreover, it can also be recycled. Plastic from the Mediterranean is selected to obtain PET chips, this is then turned into yarn to make fabrics. The polyester is mixed with other ecological, recycled fibres and ecological finish is applied to save water and energy. Being part of Seaqual means guiding humanity towards circularity.

Seaqual fabric: Hi-tech cover fabric produced with «second life» yarn, derived from plastics recovered in sea by fishermen. The hi-tech SEAQUAL yarn, for its unique composition, is inherently anti-allergy and permanently mite-proof and it does not need to be washed to maintain its hygienic characteristics. The Seaqual fabric covers the upper side and the side band.

Breeze3D: the internal structure is protected with a padded cover in 3D breathable fabric with anti-allergy fibre.

Lavabilità: the cover is easily removable with side zip and it can be washed in water at 30 °C. The side handles allow an easy positioning on the bed.


Did you know that… 90% of plastic that become waste has never arrived in a bin; plastic pollution is the most urgent environmental problem; you can only see 6% of plastic thrown in the sea, the rest remains on the bottom of the oceans.

The recycled yarn: it reduces our oil dependence, it prevents the landfill saturation, energy needed to create the RPET is less, recycled polyester offers the same technical performance but with less environmental impact.

Product sheet

Download the PDF sheet with all the information about AMET, an eco-sustainable mattress which stems from innovative processes and an intelligent design by combining cutting-edge technical solutions with hi-tech and eco-sustanaible materials. Ergonomy and respect for the environment to get an excellent sleep.

AnotherSleep collection

Discover AnotherSleep by Morfeus: the first project oriented towards environmental sustainability in the world of mattresses. An uncompromising collection: minimum environmental impact, durability and maximum sleeping comfort thanks to rational design, high-tech fabrics in "second life" yarn, eco-friendly and recyclable raw materials.

An ideal support for the product is the bed base Vigor with wood frame in the fix version: with its adjustments it enhances the properties of the mattress.

coprimaterasso silverfaryarn 2

The accessories with Silver Far Yarn fabric allow the release of FAR infrared rays and contribute to improve the quality of people’s lives.

cuscino smartherm 1

The accessories with Smartherm fabric allow the temperature control to get a perfect sleep during every season.