Duo system

Mod. Innova, from width 140 cm onwards is only made by combining two single blocks, even with different firmness grade, so that everyone can sleep on the preferred side.

Differentiated firmness grade on both sides

So that everyone can choose the suitable firmness grade according to his or her preferences.

Block’s ergonomic design

The ergonomic shape is designed to help the flow of blood without overtax the hearth (cardiovascular prevention) to relieve pressure and muscle tension.

Air Design

Air circulation and expulsion are facilitated through the air channels present in the block’s inner layers; to keep always dry the inner layers increase the mite-proof and anti-allergic characteristics of the mattress.

No constricted muscles thanks to the use of exclusive hi-tech materials

V-Gel Memory, special visco-memory foam with gel capsules, prevents abnormal pressure, always is fresh and never excessively soft, Aquacell AirFlow, with super breathable open cell structure.

Removable covers

Made with technical fabrics which ensure the maximum mite-prof and anti-allergic protection, great thermic confort in order the sleep to be safe and of high quality. Covers are easily removable and washable in water.

Certificate “Materasso Low Emission”

The mattress is healthy, emits no formaldehyde nor VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Morfeus “Green Philosophy”

Use only ‘fast growing’ row materials, no significant impact on the environment, easily recyclable at the end of the life cycle.