Pure latex foam is made by mixing different typologies of both latex and synthetic polymers. It is the most elastic material existing in nature, with unique and delicate modelling capacity as well as support that responds to single pressure points. 100% safe, anti-allergic, mite-proof and hygienic.

V-Gel Memory Soft (lato più soffice)

Special visco-memory foam with structural gel capsules which perfectly supports the body, then ensuring a fresh and mild contact. 100% safe, anti-allergic, mite-proof and hygienic.

Differentiated firmness grade on both sides

The mattress has two functional sides of firmness grade: soft on V-Gel Memory side, stiff on Latex side.

Suitable for relax bed bases

The mattress can be used both with manual handling and electric bed bases.

Certified Mattress

The label “Materasso di Alta Qualità Certificata Qualitas Premium”, ensures the consumer that the products is:

Periodically subjected to durability and measurement test according to the standards UNI EN 1334 – 1957 – 10707: tests are made first at 30.000 cycles as laid down by international and national rules and then extended to 45.000 cycles to provide greater guarantees in terms of product durability;

Safe for the user’s health, since emits no formaldehyde or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds – test ISO 16000-9:2006) and for fabrics do not contain allergyproducing colourings and carcinogenic (test UNI EN ISO 16373-2 Textiles);

100% Made in Italy: Entirely manufactured in our facilities in Italy, organized and controlled according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001.