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Travellers are used to frequently switch mattresses and they often find very comfortable products that ‘embrace’ their body with perfect support. The mattresses we suggest for this kind of user are equipped with either a comfort topper or a high thickness Memory layer. When seated, these products provide their users with a soft contact sensation along with the right support for the spinal column once they lie down.


Fluxair Syntesis
Pininfarina Design

Thanks to the great focus on ergonomics, cells regeneration, circulatory diseases prevention and everything related to psychophysical wellness, Syntesis is the ideal mattress for everyone who needs a proper rest.

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Live your travels like dreams…
...Let your dreams be like travels

How to sleep every night
in a 5-star hotel!

Thousands of special pocket micro-springs with two different heights – a taller and softer one paired with a shorter and firmer one, for measured support of the body. The Soft Comfort topper moulds around the body for a superior level of comfort.

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If air is your element,
you will love the AirBellows!

The exclusive AirBellows of our Dream-Away system, integrated in the central/pelvic zone of the mattress block, increase support, facilitate overnight movements and stimulate air circulation.

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