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When sportspeople lie down on their bed after some physical activity, they need to relax all the muscles they used. For this reason, the products we suggest for your use feature some special materials whether inside the block – like Gel Memory foam – or on the outside, where you can find non-allergic technical fabrics that provide a solid support to your body without compressions.


Fluxair Symar
Pininfarina Design

Symar never sleeps. It works to ensure high performance in terms of comfort and wellness like every FluxAir Pininfarina Design mattress does.

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Awakening is important! If you slept properly your day is going to be more dynamic.


Exercise as you want, whenever you want. Mens sana in corpore sano, they say…


After a hectic day, what’s better than some good relax?


Are you an old school sportsperson and you prefer springs?

Feel is our X-Pocket 800 V-Gel Memory pocket springs mattress. Ultimate comfort for individuals and couples being up to 110 kg heavy.

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Levanto is a high efficiency ergonomic mattress.
– Cool and dry contact
– Solid and balanced support in the pelvic area
– Soft and delicate on hips and shoulders
– Invigorating and relaxing effect on skin and muscles

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